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MedEdTalks - Rheumatology

Jun 1, 2020

Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA), formerly called Churg-Strauss syndrome, is a rare form of vasculitis that primarily affects the small blood vessels. Individuals diagnosed with EGPA commonly have a history of asthma and/or allergies. Inflammation associated with EGPA can lead to injury in multiple organ systems, including the sinuses, lungs, gastrointestinal system, heart, and kidneys. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical when managing EGPA to improve patient outcomes and reduce symptom burden. Education is needed to provide clinicians with the latest information regarding optimal diagnostic and management strategies, including newer steroid-sparing therapy options. In this CME podcast series, experts will provide guidance on differentiating EGPA from related vasculitides or eosinophilic conditions, highlight recent clinical data, and discuss therapeutic advancements.

Transcript available here: